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The Cyclorama is Secured in Terms of Conservation.
The Spirituality and Aura can be Experienced in a Similar Way,
as Formerly in the Sanctuarium Artis Elsarion.

Uncleaned condition before restoration
State April 2021, the figures still need a revision

The State of the Round Picture April 2021
is an Interim Solution

The renovation of the pavilion and the installation of an efficient air conditioning system were the prerequisites so that the panorama could be restored. The 17 canvases of the circular picture, previously stretched on individual panels, were glued together seamlessly, hung on a ring on the ceiling and tensioned with weights. In addition, conservation measures were taken so that the layers of paint bond better with the canvas.

The restoration of the painting could only be carried out after this work was completed. Since the budget was limited, it was decided to first retouch the heavily damaged sky so that the viewer had a more uniform impression of the painting. A large part of the painting, especially the figures and water damages, still need to be corrected and supplemented. The original color and luminosity of the painting Elisàr von Kupffers will thereby increased.

As soon as the missing funds are obtained, the conservator team will get back to work.


My donation

Water damage (vertical streaks of dirt) and peeling paint on skin tones