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Genesis of the cyclorama

The round picture „The Clear World of the Blissful” was photographed and documented again and again. At first it was individual sequences that Elisàr von Kupffer exhibited in various places. Then they hung flat on the wall in the villa on the first floor until the rotunda was built in 1939. Although difficult to accomplish with the chalk background and the fresco-like paint application, Elisàr von Kupffer made adjustments for the different stages, the most striking are the shorter hair of a young man in the dance by the sea, the leg under the harpist, which was painted over and the partly lighter hair color. (With a click on the picture a larger image appears where one is available.)

Here is a selection of historical photographs and the state before the restoration:

Winter scenes, before 1939
Winter scenes
Round dance at the sea, before 1939, second youth with long hair
Round dance at the sea, second youth with shorter and blonde hair
Youth with long hair
Youth with shortened and blond hair
Celebration in the mountain valley, before 1939
Celebration in the mountain valley
Rock of light, before 1939
Rock of light
In front of tall cypress trees and the rock of light, before 1939
In front of tall cypress trees and the rock of light
Willow by the sea, before 1939
Willow by the sea
At the waterfall, before 1939
At the waterfall

Art prints

Parts of the cyclorame „The Clear World of the Blissful”, art print (autotype), printed before 1925.

Autotypes are clichés with a grid. The production of 4 clichés for black, yellow, red (magenta) and blue (cyan) was carried out from a color photo (autochrome). First 4 films were produced using color filters, one film extract for each color. These were mostly retouched and re-exposed when copying. The clichées (one for each color) were often corrected with an additional etch until the desired image effect could be achieved. Typical for the time is the overly colored impression and the too high proportion of black.

The result was certainly examined by the artist before printing – the whole thing was an expensive process.

Round dance by the sea, art print
Celebration in the mountain valley, art print