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Figurative inspirations for the cyclorama
„The Clear World of the Blissful”


The round picture is a vision of paradise. Gino (Lugi Taricco) was usually the model for the youngsters. Elisàr von Kupffer saw in him the image of his own body in his youth. Some scenes are reminiscent of other paintings by Elisàr von Kupffer.

There are also some references to the landscape. These can be seen in the cyclorama, implemented with artistic freedom. The wrong color arrangement of the rainbow is probably an indication of the rapture in the hereafter, or the inflated second rainbow.

Soladino waterfall (taken by Maggia Electric Power, Ofima, since the mid-1950s)
In front of the rock of light
Detail from a photo by Wilhelm von Gloeden
Round dance by the sea
The ascent, decision between „tangled world” and „clear world” in the real world with a natural rainbow
In the hereafter, with a rainbow in the color of the over (double) rainbow
The new covenant
Three in front of the column monument
Temple dance
Floating over the forest lake
The reunion with Locarno
Resting in the foreground of the forest lake
Light tree
At the waterfall