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Conversations of the Clear World:

On the mountain

Whether I wander on high mountains,

Never surrounded by lightning,

I am unthreatened by danger,

By snowstorms, falls, death! ...

I do not climb like tiny dwarves,

High up on the rocks, weighed down by burdens,

Tired to rest on the slope,

I am no disaster for myself or others.

On the glaciers, on the steep edge,

I wander everywhere,

Unscarred by sunburn,

Send my gaze into the splendor of the distance,

No longer a slave of confused stars,

Subject to the laws of nature,

Which rush from desire to fear:

Unconsciously becoming a sinner,

Already in blindly hurting

The dark omnipotence of the loveless earth.


Whether I wander on high mountains,

Over the water-surrounded tombs,

Unthreatened by earthly minions —,

I am a baron in the kingdom of the skies!”

In front of the glacier mirror

Glacier mirror – magic mirror!

That gives itself a second self,

Yet mischievously turns to the side

A look as if under the seal

Of loving secrecy.

Ah, there stands a bold suitor,

Almost a harsh one,

As if already ready to attack.


Even if he looks to the side with a smile,

It seems to me that the handsome one

Would like to have him off

And boldly woo both of them.

The even penetrated in pink tongues.

Even the cones of this ice

Feel the gentle wonder of beauty

Against the delicate glacier blue.

No, this is not vain tinder,

Not the fleeting junk of a confusing world!



“Tell me yourself, you beautiful being,

Are you surprised? you still have such a lot,

Where recovered from wrong purpose,

Unadulterated in the game of love,

Everyone can read in looks,

What pleased him heartily.”

On the snow bed

Who is still amazed that I lie on snow,

Sunbathe as if on soft pillows

Cuddle as if in warm down?!

Isn't that pure joy of life!

That's what the spirit is used to: I win,

But in the clear, cheerful world, not in war.


Here blooms and glows in the open air,

Swarmed by colorful butterflies,

The sweet scent of the hyacinths,

The blue lilies – for in all things

There lives a wonderful power.

Even the wisteria, here in slender tendrils,

Do not entwine in greedy bondage

What else creates life

in the plant kingdom.


The little blue butterflies dance

past me. I enjoy all the charms,

Because I myself am not stingy with beauty,

Here justice lives in all.

I can trust the clear world without worry,

Look without worry with happy eyes.”  

In front of a blossoming pear tree

I lift you up joyfully into the clear air,

Freed from earthly heaviness,

Redeemed from human abyss,

From the grave,

You, whom I love and adore!

Like a living gate of victory,

So I lift you up in jubilation,

Who chose this bright world,

In battle with dark powers –

You, the one true world of God,

The spirit of God, the real one,

Ready to fight for it,

First brought to view in a shining light!

So I cry out, happy creature,

With you into the radiant realm!»


“How lightly I float on your hands

And, free from worries,

I can turn my gaze to the light, to the beauty,

Past the white peaks of blue mountains

And past the white blossoming treetops,

To the green-leafed white birch trunks

And the violet-bright blossoming tree –

Nothing can hinder my gaze

Into all the bright spring space.

So I reach for the tender tendril

That love offers me.

The heart that no longer fears anything

Says happily: Thank you!” 

Walking across the snowfield

Now I have strength, I carry you easily,

You who in distant, confused days

Carried me helpfully through a life.

It is achieved!

Over white, shining snow!

Like spring on high mountains,

What I here see shining and rejoicing

Yet it is eternal summer here,

Where flowers bloom in the snow,

Light yellow butterflies before us fly,

And we do not succumb to any cold.

And I wear lilacs in my hair!

Isn't it wonderful?”


“It is achieved.

It was not an empty ideal delusion

On a long, laborious earthly path.

It will be achieved – if only courage stay,

So we thought – despite all the mockery,

And despite the enemies of a true God,

Despite their sluggish mental rut.

And so it came to pass:

Heart, as you say,

And even if we once – in confusing worlds burden

We struggled for each other in very different ways:

We had to reach our goal.


The rigidity of the confusing world disappeared

And all burdens. Now the hand reaches

The branch of eternal spring to the other,

Who also conquered the confusing world,

To wander into the light,

Not greedy for change, not at all bored

By pure harmony,

And not stupid

By idolatry and natural philosophy...”


“Heart, stop brooding!

We are redeemed from such evils.”

The throne of beauty

Iam a cadet and page at the throne of beauty,

Which shines marble-black with golden veins,

Covered with a colorful carpet.

The red gladiolus is mine as a sword.


In this world there is no need for warning,

As there where happiness and freedom are a lie.

So I greet happily from this throne

Living images in the divine realm.”


“I happily reach for the golden strings

And sing the sublime value of pure beauty,

From this throne that enslaves no one.

My eyes shine with courage and enthusiasm.”


“The blue, shining delphinium crowns me

As a beautiful symbol of a beloved power,

For here all strife is over.

Free of passion, love is all-powerful here.”


“How blissfully I rest, love, in your kingdom,

Relaxed and quiet, snowdrops, on your ground,

Forget-me-nots blue at my feet,

Butterflies feast on the fragrant flowers.” 

In front of the tall magnolia

Oh, how you glow at me,

Shining tree –

All the bright flames

Of your rosy-tinged cups

Of loving blossoms!

You, candlestick of the clear world!

How you breathe on me –

The sweet scent of your soul!

So I float towards you,

Carried by the wing of joy,

A human butterfly – to breathe love,

To immerse myself in cups of pleasure,

In the morning dew of eternal youth.

I open my arms to you,

The candles of your bright jubilation!”

The race, in front of the greenish rock

Who is faster – me or you?

To catch – to escape?

Past the flower-fireplace,

Around the blue corners of the pillars,

Without frightening the blue butterfly!

Under the blossoming apple tree,

Over the white border of flowers

Out into the snowy room!

Fast, as in a dream!

One! two! three!

Past the throne of love!”

Celebration of love, before the runners

How we rest, deeply immersed in flowers

In the peace of the clear world – drunk with bliss.

No envy disturbs us with evil thoughts,

Because everyone is pure of heart.

So let us thank divine love,

Where the soul loves eye to eye.”


“Yes, even if we're silent – ​​the eye speaks:

Love – itself is our poem.”  

In front of the orange tree

Kneeling, I wrap my arms

Lovingly around your waist,

Just as if I wanted to hear the beating

Of your faithful heart –

Think of how I you in the morning

Woke from your sweet sleep,

I almost like a child woke you,

Yes, woke you with a kiss,

As if to fight in the service of love –

Think of how you on the flowering hill

High by the cozy Baltic Sea

Embraced me and kissed me

In the fervor of your soul,

Related to me, not just in blood,

Also in heart, only much greater.


Yes, I lived out earthly life

Like many others,

Had a wife and children,

While you renounced the world,

You in the fight for the ideal,

Misunderstood by people.

Yet deep in my heart

I sense what you are called to do.

I could once tell you,

When the world did not recognize you:

That a divinely wise will,

Despite all the sorrow,

All the bloody, difficult times

Saved your precious life,

So that you created in silence,

Yes! for times that were yet to come.


You, beloved herald of God,

Who defended the vengeful idols,

Say those words again –

Before the tree of golden fruit

On the beautiful rock of the clear world –

Verses in the distance far away,

That you wrote longingly once

In your thoughts high by the sea

On the wildly blossomed hill,

Already looking into the distant future.

I hear them in your heart.”


“Waldy, once my blood relative,

Offspring of the Baltic nobility –

But now, blessed by God,

Fellow redeemed in the clear world,

Like an angel, in Jesus' words,

And also like the beautiful one of Hellas.

Greetings, you figures of light!

To whom I extend my arms.

I gladly grant your wish.


How much I loved you,

You hardly suspected it –

A beautiful dream,

That never vanished,

Remained with me the blossom,

Lovely scent,

From youth and spring air,

In my maturing mind.


When I kissed you,

Probably countless,

My heart was steeled

For the battle of love,

Which I am preparing for.

And even if I knew,

That everything dies,

What here woos bliss,

The sun promotes –

I spread my wings

Towards the evening,

As I did at that hour

On a blossoming hill.

And fly out! Where to?

Where from, no news.

That's where I'm at home...”

Three in front of the column monument

We were three once bound together in love

With Him who brought us the message of the clear world,

And each of us had blessed hours

With Him who kindled our hearts so brightly.


The flower columns in front of the poplar gold

Are a sacred sign of such feelings;

Here everyone can say what was lovely

In the experience – so unparalleled.


The colorful carpet of life is spread

At our feet, behind my head,

And I embrace you both, joyfully

The soul expands, which believed in the noble.”


“You speak as beautifully as eternal loyalty,

And you were brave, without reproach...

But I endured the bitter remorse of purification,

Because I once fell short of the nobility of soul.


The confusing world pushed me from his path;

Before that I idolized him as a boy

And refreshed myself with the grace of his heart.

I rose from my confused grave purified.


Once I wanted to make my way to the clear world,

It was a detour, for which I have paid.

Now I can laugh again with a pure heart

And lower my hand with a newly blossomed staff.”


“And I? – What can I talk about love,

That made me happy, and suffering too

On me? – Folly! To hesitate there,

When the feeling speaks together in both.


A bloody fate tore me from my praise,

That deceived me, and once made me very happy!

But I never forgot what He gave me:

True happiness – until death took me away.


The one who inspired me was still on earth,

When I became a sacrifice – blessed by God.

So I was the first to be blessed here –

United in spirit – unscathed by death.


See this fruit, greeted by a bright butterfly!

It comes from the tree of my earthly life;

So it remained intact and without age,

An image of the miraculous power of the soul's striving.”  

In front of tall cypresses

The cypresses tower high above us,

Cathedral-like witnesses to our love.

Happiness of the confusing world remains to us,

It has already been consecrated by soul impulses.


Nestled in a rich white rose bush,

Surrounded by many sky-blue butterflies,

The happiness of the day smiles at us, never drying up,

In the joys of youth that never age.


I gently lay my hand on your shoulder,

There is no need to hold you tightly,

You have gently turned your body towards me,

Two figures are thus united into one.


Your dark eyes laugh so half dreamily,

Blue lights shimmer in your black hair,

The row of pearls is bordered with red lips,

Yes, dear heart, you awaken the poet in me.”


“You speak so beautifully that I like to listen to you,

Oh, blond friend with the profile of aristocracy,

How I like to exchange feelings with you!

You were always bold, but never worthy of criticism.


The butterflies also boldly court flowers,

They themselves are truly flowers that fly there.

Two lilies stand like candles that glow there

For the festival of love – when both win.”


“Yes, dark beauty, you are wisely minded,

You do not lack the wisdom of clear-sightedness,

It smells sweet, it wins my heart –

Like white daffodils shimmering in the green.”  

In front of the rock of light

Rock throne, how I look at you with enthusiasm,

You shine golden, snowy white on the summit,

High into the pure blue and the waters rush

Happy to the sea.


Look, there shines a bright seven-coloured arch!

You appear before it – you, whom we missed!

Hail! You float in, a redeemed fighter,

Herald of the clear world!”


“What a moment in the valley of flowers!

We greet you in the world of joy,

Now that you have redeemed and fulfilled your deed,

Martyr of the clear world!”


“Oh, how wonderful is the beautiful clear world!

Here God's spirit lives without hatred and lies,

No demons, here is true peace,

Truth and love!


You, beloved couple, who knelt in devotion,

Yes, from heart to heart love is devotion,

It is worship in the world of light.

Hold hands!”


“It is a beautiful dream – deep in the realm of flowers,

undisturbed by hate and storms.

Where there is no threat of death: there is God's order,

Far from the chaos of the world.”

By the oleander

It is so light and blue and blissfully warm,

As if the cicadas were singing in the foliage

Fresh springs rush from the mountains –

How lovingly my arm embraces you!

Close to the rose laurel, whose flowers

Glimmer as rosy as your cheeks;

The hand reaches out in tender longing

For your chin – I feel it, glowing moment

Our lips are ... shaded by curls

Our eyes meet, gaze quick glance

Like bees, sucking in sweet bliss,

And never tiringly searching the depths.

Your arms obey the play of love,

We stay there frankly, showing understanding,

While the butterflies circle around the flowers,

And the warm air plays around us.

The blue sea plays around light cliffs

And tall pines spread their umbrellas

With their slender, noble lines,

While we sip, drunkenly from love.

How gently and happily everything here is fanned

By mild air. The fire lilies laugh

And every flower wants to make it more beautiful;

Even the water in the basin smiles at us

And becomes a small spring at our feet.

Is this how the clear world wants to greet its herald?” 

Dance by the sea

Blond beauty, you, adorned with fragrant linden blossoms,

Whose enticing gaze peeks out from your golden locks.

Grace, lift your feet, the dance of love is already stirring.”


“Oh, how your words tempt me. You, light Apollonian youth!

The loose sea air, which is in love, grabs your brown locks,

Strips the colored stripe from your magnificent arms.

You are clothed in greenish pearls, you beautiful one, no less

than the blue-violet ones do me. So take my arm.”


“With eternal spring in our hearts, we walk on the heath.

Comrade of nature, take my hand. You, walking before me!

Oh, how lively you are and lift your feet as if to dance,

So that the red poppy blossoms tremble on your head!”


“The blond, purple clematis draws me forward in enthusiasm,

While the sea enchants me, and the fragrant snowy mountains,

And the proud palm tree at the top, at the foot the beautiful

Black-curled figure - there hurries Clematis with flowing hair

Always ahead, the butterfly on her outstretched hand.”


“Look, there are already two swinging up to the dark olive,

Carriages, leading each other with bell-flowered tendrils:

Leaning for- and backward, fluttering golden hair, and jubilant

Edelweiss, followed in play by the driver Cyclame.”

Above the dance by the sea

High against the brilliant blue sky,

Above the shining sea meadow,

Above the dance on the seashore

We float along on an airy path,

We seem like a pair of twins.

You turn away from me mischievously.

And blow a white flower trumpet

To muster the dance below.

I follow you immediately in an energetic mood

And swing the bow, the butterfly-colored one,

As a shining whip over you.

That is what we both mean,

Who are you then? – Who am I then?

Two beings, very closely related,

Twice united as a joking duo,

What seems strange in the confusing world.

No people threaten us, no bars hinder us,

Free from the worries of the confusing world;

No clouds or storms threaten us,

Only white butterflies fly up there.


But look! Who is floating towards us?

On the same high, airy paths,

There in front of the golden poplar's territory,

In the left hand a flowering banner,

Ready to blow the flower trumpet

Far over dances and flowery lawns.

The rogue, the fine one, he smiles at us.

Warm greetings, confidant!”

Before the dance by the sea

So lying on your back on a green field

How pleasant it is to enjoy the trail of a butterfly

Enjoy them raise around the knees gently,

Many colorful flowers are sprouting all around –,

And gently tilting your head back,

Your hands playing with the herb branches,

They too are surrounded by colorful butterflies …

Then the eyes open to things:

But they do not look into the high ethereal blue,

No, into the heaven of love of two eyes –

A look covered by eyelashes –

And into the shadows of dark brown hair,

And red lips that are good for kissing.

How beautifully they say: Heart, I love you,

As I always loved you, deeply!

How far away are now the years of confusion

That united us – separated us: … Oh, speak,

How did you sense the world of God, the clear one?

So without deceit in a world full of lies,

So without ever deceiving you or others!”

“Yes, heart, I knew about the bright bridge,

So I became victorious over all malice,

Just as your beautiful body is spread out

On this field in gentle, soft waves

It stretches us both out like a bridge,

Which drew the butterflies dancing along.

It was for me a long fight – for you a heroic death.

Now we have joy, like our daily bread.”  

Over water lilies

Over these water lilies,

Over green leaf plates

With the weightless step,

Floating towards it makes even brighter

The easy hour of life for me!

Is it true that I let myself be caught in jest,

I feel a heartfelt longing –

Yes, in free union with you.“


“Give yourself up to be caught mischievously,

As in the realm of love clasps,

Look! The wealth of beauty blooms,

Never destroyed, in blissful abundance –

As in the blissful mind,

As in all the colorful covering,

Heart, to reach for you happily,

Be granted – and to catch you,

Over thornless roses.

As butterflies caress flowers!”

In the race before the noble willow

Leap through the flowers!

Where the bellflowers ring,

Tall giant herbs stand

And around purple azaleas

The blue butterflies swing.

Very nimble in pushing forward,

Red fruit in your hands!

Will you succeed, dark one in grabbing

Hold of it and stealing it from me?”


“I don't want to devour any fruit

That doesn't ripen in this world,

Because we're hungry.

Ah, in play I may grab,

But not like wild boys,

I have to roam after you in the race,

To feast on blond fruit.” 

Noble willow by the sea

I was destined for a royal crown

In the blossoming days of my earthly youth...

But I would rather, I would rather sit up here

I, far from the world of wars and plagues,

My canopy is the green tendrils,

Which sway gently in the sea's breath.

I reach into the branches of the noble willow

And let them stroke, let them stroke

Right above the magnificent human tendril,

Swarmed by butterflies without equal,

For their joy and not for their suffering,

On my knee – a joke!

So it is a fun game of youth

Without purpose or goal.


Beneath it leans on swaying branches

A being, slender and finely adorned,

A clear-world bird – to show

How no burden weighs us down here.

Little princess in a flower-feather hat,

The pearl necklace suits you well!”  

Resting in flowers in front of the willow

The sea roars close by as it once did on holidays

And awakens memories of beautiful hours,

That still come to mind today,

When I think of that world, so full of troubles.

How restful it is, nestled in the blue splendor

Of all these lovely forget-me-nots

And rosy white flowers. Everything speaks

Of true love that never binds us.

I feel the refreshing blowing of a light wind.

I think of him who once loved me.

Now came a happiness that will never vanish,

And bliss of complete understanding.”


“The happiness of a girl still gives me joy today.”

In front of the open sea

Familiar – yes, the sound of this sea sounds to me

From a time long, yes, long past!

To listen to the past so uninhibitedly

Is a bittersweet bliss.


I still see it illuminated in such wonderful green,

Shimmering blue to the distant horizon –

Moisturized by the longing of a young man’s eyes,

Because he has not yet been able to reach his goal.


And now? – Let your longing land homeward,

For yours is now once a distant present,

There is no longer a tumultuous surge

Of the heart’s desires that fate fools.


I feel the hand of love – and awaken,

As if from a dream – to beautiful reality.

You, blond page – roguery – yes, laugh

The dreamer, release him from a time gone by!”


“I am your loose comrade,

So I rescue you from the confused world,

You, dreamer soul, see, I invite you

To the day of the clear world.


A loose butterfly like me

Sips from my flower cup,

Delighted by the sweet scent, it sips.

The cup of love – does it please you?


The sea here is not a wild surfer,

It rejoices in the white spray.

Come then! Let us rejoice together.

There is no melancholy mixed in here.”

In the hammock by the sea

You are my magnificent rocking horse,

My wild-caught companion,

You are my horse and I ride

Along the sea and into the distance,

And yet I always stay in the most beautiful place.

Yes, riding is a fine sport;

As once coveted by a child,

But no longer on a silent wooden horse.

You are my beautiful living horse,

And I can steer you without a whip

And without tugging on the reins.

Hello! my rocking companion.”


“Oh yes, I like to carry you like that,

Always effortlessly near and far,

Rocking on a green natural net,

Jiggling like a little horse.

That seems to me a fine game. 

I cannot neigh, but I can laugh.


That a precious goal is so close to us

In this world of wonderful things,

That endlessly

Give us ever new joys.”


“In this free world of God,

Everyone can be happy,

As he or she pleases,

And without regret,

Because we are united in loyalty

Do not shy away from arrogance or hostility.”


“Yes, beautiful wisdom, that is true.

That is how life becomes wonderful.

Just be cheerful, always cheerful!

I will not throw you down.”

Flying in front of a tall tree

On our airy journey,

Which we can shorten at will,

We don't need an aeroplane

And we don't fear crashing.

So it's a lovely journey over sea and field

In a clear, sunny world,

and soon past the steep slope

of the high mountains, along the rock,

where the ravines gape beneath us,

and yet no abyss scares us,

because in old age we create strengths

that are not enslaved to gravity,

not subject to the laws of the earth

and not threatened by envious winds;

we are our own aeroplane.

and my arm holds you lovingly.

so we travel safely, quickly and warmly.”


“When I think of the journeys of the past,

Yes, my love, more arduous, as you think,

They were nevertheless – I like to say it –

United with you, my greatest happiness,

Yes, like a dream on the confusing star,

I think back to the blue lake,

Where, despite the people, undaunted,

We enjoyed brief bliss.

I can hardly express it all in words.

Certainly, it was like a dream,

That quickly passes – and one awakes

In a dark night on earth.

And today, yes, it remains day.

I lay my hand without hesitation

On your shoulder, radiantly cheerful,

We travel on blissfully in flight.”  

Two people lying down, by the fountain,

in front of the hammock by the sea

Should I ask you if you love me?

Or give me the answer with your eyes?”


“Oh, what a foolish question!

When love is self-evident –

Here, where the flowers swarm for butterflies,

Never worry about evil insects;

Here, where the spring rises jubilantly,

Tenderly leans towards the flowers,

Without scaring away love-struck butterflies.

Isn't there any anxious scurrying here?

Do we not form gable figures ourselves,

As in the holy temple of the fields?

There on the calf in the sanctuary

Sits a charming flying flower.”


“Yes, you chatter so sweetly,

That you didn't owe me an answer.” 

The celebration in the mountain valley

Here in the secluded mountain grove,

Here on the sunny forest edge,

Here in front of the throne of precious stones

The hour of celebration should unite us.


Today on the festival of heavenly art

May everyone, divinely inspired,

Play, dance, sing according to favor,

As he masters the gift, the divine.”


“Above us, in the peace of the mountains,

there sits a shining castle. And the haze of incense

Rises from the blossom to the devotion of art.

Lily scepter, will you open it?”


“You, who in spiritual balance

Lean on the shimmering malachite,

Whose gaze speaks of enthusiasm,

First proclaim your hymnic song!”


“The flowers shine wonderfully brightly,

The candles announce the day of celebration,

The clear world announces a rosy red

celebration of the soul.


No night frightens the hearts,

No violence forces us to serve,

Full of sorrow, the powers of the demon –

Love is the master.


Every sword rests in its scabbard,

No power can wage war on us,

None of the weapons can reach here of those

Created by the confused world.


Only the divine live spiritually,

Undisturbed, in a light form,

Harmony preserves in the clear world

Eternal youth


Joy be the breath of the deity!

I have raised a holy chalice,

Praise and thanks to holy hearts,

Proclaimers of the clear world!

God the liberator!”


“On the golden strings of the harp,

Play you the melody!

Climbing roses accompany.

May everything breathe harmony!


And the light-hearted dance,

As if to their own reflection,

On the white-flowered field,

Holy dances, surrounded by vines!”


(Lying in the foreground)

“Wonderful, like this beautiful celebration,

It is to rest here among purple flowers,

Before the jasper throne and mosaic

Magical, colorful carpet pictures,

Inlaid on green malachite.

I hear lovely melodies, words,

That fill my heart with confidence;

See how animated and light the feet

Dance over untouched flowers.

Blue and deep a little soul beneath them,

Where, swarming around white water lilies,

Colorful little butterflies delight me.

Never were you ugly, grim caterpillars,

As they greedily eat in the confused world,

Never dead pupae – like people.

No, you are buoyant souls,

Like us – you are clear-world butterflies.

The confused world calls them: pretty fairy tales.

But what are confused world things?

Less beautiful, hateful,

Lovesick, cruelly blind,

Quickly gone generations,

Who in graves and in books

Only eke out a dead existence,

Are stories full of lies –

Yes, they are fairy tales, but bad ones.

Only the clear world is true.

Here is true celebration of God.

Hail you, dear figures of light,

Let us rule for eternity!”

Wrestling at the pine forest

And if you want to win, you must wrestle,

Wrestle fiercely at the edge of the forest,

You must press forward victoriously.

Meanwhile: I am still holding my ground.

I am not fleeing into the pine forest,

And if you want to win, win soon!”


“You want to tease me in a subtle way,

Sometimes wildly, sometimes gently,

Until you reach your goal in the game;

And even if it doesn't seem to work right away,

Because pros and cons pair up in jest,

A victory is still agreed upon.”


“Well, you are bold! But I like it,

If it makes you happy, then I will reward you.”


“Just stick out your tongue boldly,

I will still pick the violet,

Keep your violet wreath on your ear!

In the sport of love, you must succeed.

That is wisdom in the realm of light.”


“And oh:

Whoever loses is also a winner!”

Embrace on the gentian meadow

I wrap my hands around your neck,

As if I were pulling myself up on you,

On my knees on the flowering ground.

You, who raised me up to the world of God!

Wherever I raise my eyes on to see,

It is as beautiful as never before.

Yes, I could always praise your nobility;

You always remained beautiful and always young,

Even back then, ah, in memory!

When the world around you did you a cruel injustice,

Yes, a cruel, stupid injustice!

You still love me today,

You dearest and only one!

Even now, freed from all earthly yoke.

Look at the many blue gentian blossoms

And red butterflies, as if flames were glowing!

You are silent and bow

Your head, and my arms

Never tire – I feel warm

On your neck, your chest

For new life, new joy!”


“You were a pretty little bird,

That once flew into my house.

You were a sweet little girl,

So simple and true, so loyal and fine,

Who never cheated anyone out of their happiness.

You were the sweet sunshine,

Who greeted me when I woke up,

And laughed into my heart as if in joy.

So I became yours, you became mine.

Oh, back then you spurned jewelry,

That now suits you so beautifully.

The foolish surroundings of that time,

The confused world's worries, envy and torment,

They vanished, and all fear:

That you were afraid of lightning and people.

Now you are here and will remain safe

In the arms of love, beautiful and happy;

That is how it is today, that is how it will be tomorrow,

In this clear world – it will stay that way.” 

Resting in the foreground of the forest lake

Laying down on a carpet

I am caressed by mild air

And by butterflies sense the sun

Breathe the flowers.


Oh, you mischievous butterfly

On my shoulder – what do you want there?

Are you, my love, after all,

Mischievously groping me?


Will you wake me from the daydream

That speaks so sweetly of experiences,

Or is it that you are thinking of new experiences?

Always something beautiful!”


Floating over the forest lake

Over the flowery slope,

Over the green lake,

High above the dark forest

We floated lightly into the air.

Dancing before purple and blue mountains

And before glaciers – to the heavenly meadow.

The swarming flight of pink butterflies

A bird’s flight shines before the moon.

We want to swing around each other

In competition,

I with the long pearl necklace,

You with rosy flowers in your hair.

And we chase each other in circles

To the ringing tune of the lyre.

Hark! It sounds bright and clear.” 

In front of the green forest lake:
two sitting on a stone, with
the heart-shaped red lyre

Can you hear the rushing of the waterfall?

It accompanies the stringed playing

of my heart-shaped lyre –

heartfelt melody!”


“Friend, I crouch at your feet,

I nestle my head so familiarly against you,

Think of the past, – of the beautiful past,

How it was sanctified.


Yes, sanctified in the kingdom of God,

Here redeemed from the madness of man,

From the laws of the confused world of nature,

Free in the clear world.


Now also the song of liberation resounds,

Awaken chords that miraculously

Honor and praise the magic of love and 

The splendor of the clear world!”


“Human soul, how free you are,

Free in lovely togetherness,

Where the spirit of nature reveals

Its bliss to you!


World, you are beautiful – yes, even more

You hide temples in the form of light!

Human soul, how rich you are,

Rich in the kingdom of love!”

At the waterfall

Like bright waters, jubilantly striving

From high rocks!

So we, we play happily

A heavenly, happy life:

Up and down

From rocks to lake –

To rise again –

An eternal game… and exchange

The joy like shimmering balls;

Meanwhile the branches rustle

Of the pine in the billowing light.


We float

On water, in the air,

Redeemed from threatening tombs,

In blissfully airy life

Of billowing scents.


The Holy Spirit of the clear world,

Who shows grace to the longing

Of a purified soul – at the goal –

Delights in childlike play.”

The Clear World
of the Blissful –
One of the Most
Important Concepts
of Paradise of the
Early 20th Century

This collection of poems,
which describes the
33 scenes of the panorama
“Clear World of the Blissful”,
was published by
Eduard von Mayer after the
death of Elisarion. It is probably an expanded version by Eduard von Mayer of an earlier lyrical description of the scenes of the panorama. His
foreword in memory of his life partner.

The Clear World
of the Blissful –
One of the Most
Important Concepts
of Paradise of the
Early 20th Century

The Clear World
of the Blissful –
One of the Most
Important Concepts
of Paradise of the
Early 20th Century

The Clear World
of the Blissful –
One of the Most
Important Concepts
of Paradise of the
Early 20th Century

The Clear World
of the Blissful –
One of the Most
Important Concepts
of Paradise of the
Early 20th Century

The Clear World
of the Blissful –
One of the Most
Important Concepts
of Paradise of the
Early 20th Century