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The association Pro Elisarion seeks supplementary documents on the history of Elisarion

Presumably in summer of 2020, the restored cyclorama "The Clear World of the Blissful" on Monte Verità will be reopen to the public. This concept of Paradise will be in the entrance area supplemented with some pictures, sketches and written testimonies on the creation of the cyclorama. There will also be some hints on the person of the artist Elisàr von Kupffer and on the philosophical-religious ideas expressed in the cyclorama.

In order to properly appreciate the philosophical-religious work in its historical context, we are glad for evidence correspondence in letters, postcards, books, etc., which have a connection to Elisàr von Kupffer or Eduard von Mayer.

To comprehensively document the artistic work of Elisàr von Kupffer, we are glad to serve any reference to paintings and drawings of the artist that are not in the possession of the municipality of Minusio (Centro culturale e museo Elisarion) or for exhibition purposes on Monte Verità (loan from the municipality of Minusio).

Location unknown

Pictures we found in photos with unknown location.

Connecting picture above the entrance door to the cyclorama "The Clear World of the Blissful"
Youth in the moonlight
Roundelay under palm trees

An unexpected donation from the US

"To whom it may concern, I am cleaning up my parents estate and have found some items relating to Elisarion. On the cover of the envelope containing these items my father had written ‹a close family friend›. Unfortunately I do not read either German or Dutch and all the printed material are likely in German. I thought you might have some interest in these things as perhaps they have some historical value. There is some correspondence signed by Elisar and by v. Mayer, some photos, a small original oil painting signed by Elisar and other printed material. Please let me know if you or any one else you know of may have some interest in these items. If so I can send you some pictures. Thank you very much, Frances Tromp van Holst." more

Undated oil sketch of a youth from the donation

You found something from Elisarion?

Are you similar to Mrs. Tromp van Holst? Did you find something that points to Elisàr von Kupffer or Eduard von Mayer – and you do not know what do do with it? Then contact us by e-mail: info@elisarion.ch