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Elisàr von Kupffer
Literary Catalog Raisonné

Leben und Lieben – Live and Love


Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1895

Der Herr der Welt – The Lord of the World

Tragedy in five acts

Berlin, Verlag E. Ebering, 1899

Ehrlos! Novellen und Skizzen – Dishonorable! Novellas and Sketches

Leipzig, G. Müller – Mann'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1898

Lieblingminne und Freundesliebe in der Weltliteratur –
Love of Favourites and Love between Friends in World Literature

The world's first gay anthology Preface by Elisàr von Kupffer (German)

Berlin, Adolf Brand, 1900

Irrlichter – Will-o'-the-Wisps

Drama in three parts: Andrei, Erich und Narkissos

Berlin, Verlag E. Ebering, 1900

Auferstehung, irdische Gedichte – Resurrection, Eearthly Poems

Poems five examples, short story The Dream of the God of Sun (German)

Eberswalde, Berlin and Leipzig, Verlag Jung-Deutschland, Siegfreid Dyck, 1901

Doppelliebe. Novellen aus Estland – Double Loving. Novellas from Estonia

In six novels, Elisàr von Kupffer shows how people often have to choose between two people in their love or have to endure that the loved one is also loved by someone else. more (German), PDF

Zurich, Caesar Schmidt, 1901 and 2. edition 1903

Klima und Dichtung – Climate and Poetry

A contribution to psychophysics

Munich, Ernst Reinhardt, 1907

Heiland Kunst. Ein Gespräch in Siena – Savior Art. A Conversation in Siena

Jena, Hermann Constenoble, 1907

Aino und Tio – Aino and Tio

A fabulistic game with and without deeper meaning, a play more

Dresden, E. Pierson, 1907

An Edens Pforten – At Eden's Gates

Sufi poems with explanations, Extracts

Leipzig, Klaristischer Verlag Akropolis, 1907

Olympia und Golgatha – Olympia and Golgotha

Jena, Hermann Constenoble, 1907

Priesterin Mütter – Priestess Mothers

Jena, Hermann Constenoble, 1907

Feuer im Osten – Fire in the East

Dramatic scenes from the Russian-Baltic revolution in three acts
some scenes (German)

Leipzig, Verlag Philipp Reclam jun., 1908

Giovan Antonio – il Sodoma

Study of the soul and art by Elisàr von Kupffer more

In Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen, Jg. IX., 1908

Ein neuer Flug und eine Heilige Burg – A New Flight and a Sacred Castle

The creed of clarism Introduction, creed, afterwords

Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1911

Die gefesselte Afrodite – The Tied up Aphrodite

A dramatic poem about guilt and atonement in ancient Greece PDF

Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1911

Der Unbekannte Gott. Ein Wort an Dich und Dein Volk
The Unknown God. A Word to You and Your People

Philosophical, ideological and religious questions around 1910, explained and answered by Elisàr von Kupffer in the sense of seeing clearly – thinking clearly – acting clearly – the principle of clearistic belief and clearistic science. more PDF

Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1912

Was soll uns der Klarismus? – Nationale Kraft
What is Clarism Supposed to Do for Us? – National Force

Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1912

Die Gotteslästerungen der Bibel und der Antike
The Blasphemies of the Bible and of the Classical Antiquity

Criticism of biblical texts and also of the descriptions of the gods of antiquity, who portray God as brutal overpowering nature, as capricious, glorious, bloodthirsty destroyers. And the overcoming of these ideas through clarism, PDF

Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1912

Hymnen der Heiligen Burg – Hymns of the Sacred Castle

Introduction, hymns, prayers and chants, PDF

Munich, Verlag Akropolis, 1913

3000 Jahre Bolschewismus – 3000 Years of Bolshevism

An astute analysis of the religious and philosophical reasons that led to the civilizational catastrophe of World War I and how false ways of thinking could be overcome through „Clarism“ PDF

Leipzig-Munich, Klaristischer Verlag Akropolis, probably printed 1921.

Die Wirrwelt – The Confused World

Extract from the book „The Fight with the Dragon and the Path to Eternity” in the Swiss Magazine „Firnlicht”, PDF. The book was not published, however.

Firnlicht, Schweizerische okkulte Monatsschrift, 1923

Heiliger Frühling – Holy Spring

Leipzig-Munich, Klaristischer Verlag Akropolis, 1924

Gespräche der Klarwelt – Conversation of the Clear World

Lyrical description of the 33 scenes in the cyclorama Poems (German)

Minusio-Locarno, Sanctuarium Artis Elisatrion, 1942

Heldische Sicht und Froher Glaube – Heroic Point of View and Good Faith

Locarno, Genti & Bernieri, 1943

Aus einem wahrhaften Leben – From a Honest Live

Autobiography of Elisarion (Elisàr von Kupffer), edited posthumously by Eduard von Mayer. Preface an extracts from the book, The Path of Love (final chapter)

Minusio-Locarno, Sanctuarium Artis Elisatrion, 1943

Elisàr von Kupffer literary catalogue raisonné
Raisonné of books Elisar von Kupffer,
as advertising in the autobiography,
which was published posthumously in 1943.
Klima und Dichtung
Climate and Poetry
An Edens Pforten
At Eden's Gates
Elisarion: Hymnen der heiligen Burg
Elisarion: Hymnen der Heiligen Burg
Elisarion: Hymns of the Sacred Castle
Elisarion: Aus einem wahrhaften Leben
Title page of the autobiography
„From a Honest Life” of Elisarion