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This website was created to provide the comprehensive and unique artistic work of Elisar of Kupffer to a wider audience. Additional contributions are most welcome.


Editorial Compilation

Fabio Ricci, David Streiff und Thomas Voelkin



The representations of the artistic, literary and philosophical legacy of Elisàr von Kupffer and Eduard von Mayer is primarily based on the dissertation by Fabio Ricci ‹Ritter, Tod & Eros, die Kunst Elisàr von Kupffers›, Böhlau Verlag 2007.

The second major source was the book ‹Elisarion, un Santuario per il Clarismo›, of Graziano Mandozzi, Comune di Minusio, 1996.

Further source
Hieronimus Ekkehard: ‹Elisàr von Kupffer›. Ausstellungskatalog der Kunsthalle Basel 1979.



Thomas Voelkin


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